Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things in My House Thrursday April 2, 2009

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I am running late today with my "TIMHT". I have been a little under the weather, as they say, for the past few days and I almost forgot. I would like to share a very beautiful pitcher and bowl that my friend Gayle gave me for Christmas several years ago. We owned an antique mall together and this beautiful pitcher and bowl was in one of our dealers booth. I saw it and fell in love, but did not feel I needed it and at that time did not have the money to spare. This was in July and when I opened my Christmas presents that December, there it was. All I could do was cry.

I don't know how old this set is. There are no marks. But it is hand painted black with beautiful pink roses. The bowl measures 16" in diameter at the widest and is 5" deep. The pitcher is 15" tall and about 12" in diameter at the bottom.

I will always cherish this beautiful set because of the love and thought she put into my gift that year.

Thanks for looking

Mrs. Charlotte


MSM said...

That is the sweetest story! What a great friend Gayle is. I wonder if it was especially hard for her to wait for Christmas that year!

Sorry I'm late visiting your post; my internet was out until this morning.

Hope you are feeling better, and I'm so glad that you are part of TIMHT!

Becs said...

Hi Mrs. Charlotte, I left you an award on my blog, so stop by and pick it up! Becs

prashant said...

I wonder if it was especially hard for her to wait for Christmas that year! Work from home India