Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things in My House Thursday - My First

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This is my first "Things In My House Thursday". I would like to share a piece of furniture that I found at a sidewalk sale a few years ago. It is a lovely piece and I have not been sure if it was a record cabinet or not. It is mahogany wood with a curved drawer and a reverse shell carving on the front with two mirrored cabinets on each top side and in the middle a cabinet with a glass door. It has full columns on each side. I think the hardware and knobs are reproduction and are replacements.

I am a member of "I Antique On Line" a great community of people who buy and sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art. There is a group within this group called "Whadja Find? Ask Us? Identification and Evaluation". I ask for help identifying this piece and received numerous opinions.

One member identified it as a silver cabinet. Suggesting boxes of flat or tableware fit into the slats and linens, napkins and table cloths in the top cabinets. And was kept in the dining room or butlers cabinet.

The majority of the members identified it as a sheet music cabinet with a curio top circa probably 1920-1930's.

It was suggested that I could use this beautiful cabinet to store photo albums and/or scrap books. I thought was a wonderful way to use it. So I am using it to store my daughter, Donna's, scrapbooks and picture albums from when she was a little girl. I lost Donna in 1982 and this was a great place for these items so I could enjoy them without having to dig through drawers.

Please see the pictures of the cabinet below:

Thanks for letting me share is special piece of furniture with you.

Mrs. Charlotte

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MSM said...

That is such a unique cabinet!

I could think of all kinds of things to hide (store) in there.

Thanks for joining TIMHT! From the 'sound' of this post alone, I believe you have lots of interesting things to share; hope we see more!
(I didn't notice your link until today, sorry; I'd have commented earlier).