Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Nevada Sky

My Nevada Sky is growing up.
In December 2008 I did this blog post about my wonederful niece Nevada Sky, I just thought I would up date you on some more pictures and let you know what she is doing six months later.

She came over and spent the weekend with me a little while back and I taught her how to sew. The pictures below are of her in a dress that she made that weekend with my help. She did good!!!!! She is so smart.

I have named this post "My Nevada Sky" because it is about my beautiful little niece, Nevada Sky Zak. A big name for a little girl.
Nevada's mother's name is Star. Star is my sister Camille's oldest. When Nevada was born it was only natural her name would be something different. My family seems to like names that you don't hear every day.

We got the news this week Nevada will have a new sister or brother in nine months. I can't image what the next name will be. Whatever it will be something different and wonderful.

I am the luckiest lady in the world to be able to call this beautiful family mine.

I went to a fourth grade basket ball game today and had the time of my life.

You Laugh!!!

Well I am a little prejudice. Nevada is the little one wearing jersey #1. Just watching her run up and down that gym floor was a real treat.

She is the smallest one on the team. All of the girls are at least a head or two taller than she is, but that doesn't hold her back. She works that court like she was ten feet tall.

Her team mate, Courtney Goddard, #9 is her best friend and the daughter of two of my co-workers when I worked for AT&T. It was fun seeing Courtney's parents again after all of these years.


Nevada and Courtney are two of the highest scorers on their team.

She may be little but she is not afraid to aggressively guard those taller girls.

I wish that little girl would get out of my way!!!!!!!!!

Boy, this has been a hard day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blow is a video that I took. This is my first so please excuse. Check it out if you have the time.

It shows how hard these girls work.

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beautiful story and great thing come in small packages, Children are the light of our life,
Merry Christmas,