Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Son Trevor is Engaged

Well it is official, our son, Trevor is engaged. After months of looking for the right diamond, then the right setting and having the right person do the setting. (It had to be perfect). Trevor finally proposed to his wonderful girlfriend Amanda.

"He did good"

He had all sorts of great plans for giving her the ring but Amanda has a job that calls her out all hours of the day or night. So they ordered in Chinese and during dinner he reached in his pocket got down on his knees and ask her to marry him. ( Isn't that the sweetest thing).
I knew he was going to give it to her during the Christmas holidays and I believe I was more excited and nervous about when and where than anyone. I kept asking have you given it to her yet or when are you going to give it to her. I know he thought "enough already". She was not expecting it for another few months.

Tony and I are so proud and happy for both of them. Amanda is the perfect girl for Trevor. I am so glad he waited for the right girl because Amanda is just the daughter in law any mother would pray to have. She is sweet, smart and beautiful.

Now I need a grand baby. I know I'm pushing a little but what a beautiful grand baby it will be.

How could you go wrong with these two beautiful people.

Congratulations Trevor and Amanda

We love you Both


Becs said...

Mrs. Charlotte, He is just as handsome as can be and she is a beautiful girl! Congrats to you all! Becs

Melissa said...

So exciting- what a lovely couple. They look so happy!

suzanne said...

OHHHHH!Congratulations to them both and to you too! They are surely an adorable couple. Just wait til you get those grand babies, they are so wonderful and so much fun!!! Thankis for commenting on my post. Im having lasagna for supper!!!! LOL!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

Mary said...

What a sweet couple!!! It just makes your heart smile to see them!! Have fun at the wedding!!!